May 23, 2017 Entertainment 0

Binge-watching has always been around ever since humans were able to have compilations of their favorite television shows. The introduction of Netflix merely made it more accessible to a lot of people and made more television shows accessible. But what exactly is binge-watching?




When binge-watching is mentioned, it refers to watching episodes of television shows in succession, one after another. Binge-watching usually leads to sleeping when the sun has come up or skipping plans because “you really need to know who Ted Mosby ends up with and who the mother of his children are”. It’s a common thing nowadays, especially with the availability of places that offers binge-watching.


Where to Binge-Watch


Netflix, as mentioned before, practically popularized binge-watching. But it’s pretty hard to access or use it especially if you don’t have an account or a subscription. The next best place to binge-watch would be websites for online watching. One such website is putlockers2 where you can find the latest television shows, updated with the most current episodes and seasons.


Perfect Shows To Binge-Watch


2017 brings with it amazing newly released televisions shows that are certain to catch your fancy, as well as new seasons and episodes of well-loved television shows. Below are only some of the newest television shows you can watch online.


  • 13 Reasons Why


If you’re into show adaptations of books, then this is the show for you. This adaptation delves into the tapes left by a student who committed suicide, and how the people around her responded to her death and the tapes she left behind.


  • Riverdale


Riverdale is an adaptation of Archie Comics. However, this adaptation takes the light-hearted ambience of Archie Comics and turns it dark by having the plot center on the investigation of the death of one of the Blossom twins.